Community Energy Horsham -

the face of Energise South in Horsham District

Community Energy Horsham is a group of Horsham District Residents who believe the time has come for an increase in locally generated renewable energy.  They have linked up with Energise South to deliver such projects in the Horsham area.

Click here for a downloadable version of their flyer.

Share Offer in Q4, 2023 to support Solar installation in Horsham

We anticipate that we will soon be launching a Share Offer to support the installation of Solar PV on the roof of the Bridge Leisure Centre in Horsham and/or other local sites. We are predicting a 4% return on your investment. If you would like to receive further details by email please sign-up here.

Horsham District Council press release here.

What are Community Energy Horsham looking for?

Non-domestic, south, south west, or south east facing pitched or flat roofs of at least tennis court size.  The annual electricity use needs to be at least 70,000kWh per year with a significant portion used in the day time.

Examples of possible host building types include:

  • Farm buildings
  • Academy schools
  • Hotels
  • Care homes
  • Hospitals
  • Police and fire stations
  • Local Authority buildings
  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Industrial and engineering buildings

Case studies


Dudley Infant School

Key Facts:

  • 30 panels
  • 10.05kW capacity
  • 11,059kWh output per year
  • 2,433kg CO2 saved per annum*
  • £658 school saving per annum
  • £23,991 school saving over 25 year period

*Based on UK grid intensity of 220gmsCO2\kWh

The school is in a conservation area of Hastings old town.

Community Energy Horsham Case Study 1 - Dudley Infant School (downloadable pdf)

Innovation Centre, Churchfields, Hastings

Key Facts:

  • 263 panels
  • 75.11kW capacity
  • 72,857kWh output per year
  • 16,028kg CO2 saved per annum*
  • £4,335 centre saving per annum
  • £158,051 centre saving over 25 year period

*Based on UK grid intensity of 220gmsCO2\kWh

The Innovation Centre is a large commercial unit on the Churchfields Estate in Hastings, managed by Sea Change for multiple business tenants. These panels have performed exceptionally well and are currently operating at 114% of their projected capacity in spite of 2021 being a poor solar year.

In some sunny months, they were producing 135% of their expected output.

Community Energy Horsham Case Study 2 - Innovation Centre (downloadable pdf)

Christ Church Hall, Ore Village

Key Facts:

  • 24 panels
  • 7.54kW capacity
  • 7,534kWh output per year
  • 1,657kg CO2 saved per annum*
  • £448 hall saving per annum
  • £16,344 hall saving over 25 year period

*Based on UK grid intensity of 220gmsCO2\kWh

Christ Church Hall is a popular and much used nursery and community centre in Ore Village in North East Hastings. As it was next to a Grade 2 listed church, the planning consent required letters of support from the community and was eventually secured with the help of the parish and the planning committee. Many more church buildings could benefit from solar panels.

Community Energy Horsham Case Study 3 - Christ Church Hall (downloadable pdf)

Interested in finding out more or discussing further?

You can contact Community Energy Horsham directly via e-mail at