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Donation by The Naturesave Trust aids Community Society to install Solar PV on Hastings’ Community Buildings


Energise South Community Society successfully raised over £400,000 via a Community share offer in November 2019 for the installation of solar PV on five buildings in the Sussex and Kent area. Supported by Energy4All Ltd this was backed by an amazing £5,000 grant from The Naturesave Trust.

The funds raised from the share offer have been used to install Solar Panels on the five buildings in the Hasting’s area (including the largest at The St Leonards Academy (this will be one of the largest community owned solar roofs in the United Kingdom). Further buildings have been identified which will result in a further share offer from as early as May 2020.

Speaking after the money was successfully raised, Julia Hilton, Chair of Energise South said “The grant we obtained from The Naturesave Trust was invaluable to the Society as it was used to pay for up front costs such as building surveys and planning fees meaning 100% of the money raised through our share offer can go directly into the project itself to the benefit our Community ”.

The Naturesave Trust is funded by the activities of Naturesave Insurance, the UKs leading ethical insurance provider for individuals, businesses, charities and community groups

Energise South is supported and assisted by Energy4All. Energise South is one of the family of twenty seven community energy co-operatives developed by Energy4All, demonstrating the power of co-operation in the renewables sector.



* Photograph: Julie Hilton (Chair, Energise South) and Kate Meakin (Director, Energise South) standing on the roof of Hastings Academy.